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Entrada de Blog SAI NEWS ARCHIVE 2010 GURU PURNIMA Jul 24, ’10 10:15 PM
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Saturday, July 24, 2010 Sai News & Photo Updates : Guru Purnima along with Maha Shivarathri and Bhagawan’s Birthday comes on top of the list in terms of festive fervour, congregation of devotees and oftentimes, for important announcements with reference to Trust, Organisational and Institutional activities! With a day to go for the grand festivity, Prasanthi is already bustling with steady inflow of devotees, especially from Andhra Pradesh. As is ‘her’ won’t during such mammoth festive occasions, ‘Prasanthi’, after filling to capacity, started accommodating this surge of devotees in the verandahs of Ashram residential blocks.

…And on this Guru Purnima eve, emerging at 1708 hrs. to the holy chants of Vedam, Bhagawan went for a complete round blessing the capacity audience that filled every available slot in the spacious Sai Kulwant Hall. As He was gliding past the centre block, Bhagawan had a detailed look at the Balvikas children and Youth from Tamil Nadu arrayed in drama costumes, for the scheduled dance drama presentation later in the evening. With Bhagawan slowly completing the round, Veda chanting reached a crescendo, enhanced by the vibrant primary school children. Completing a full round, Bhagawan moved further into the ladies’ side, blessing and interacting with many, before taking a "u-turn" to come into the bhajan hall. Gliding through, Bhagawan emerged through the rear entrance to come onstage at 1725 hrs., round of Ganesha. Veda chanting ceased soon as drama participants made a beeline unto Him, along with senior officials, seeking initial blessings before the commencement of the programme.

An announcement by former State President, Mr. TG Krishnamurthy followed, who briefly introduced the theme of the presentation entitled Sai Yugam Sathya Yugam to be presented by the Balvikas and Youth of Tamil Nadu.

The presentation had episodes from the past and present, essaying the colossal, magnificence of the present day Mission set in motion by Bhagawan. Lord Brahma, after creating four progenitors, Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanātana, and Sanat Kumāra, gives them a tour comprising of comparative study of their present, explaining in detail corresponding mission that would happen in the times of the Avataric mission in Kali Yuga. The colourful, innovative presentation ends with Bhagawan Krishna’s declaration that He would come back in Kali Age as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The fifty minute presentation emphasised the title Sai Yugam Prema Yugam, singing a theme group song echoing the same.

Saturday, July 24, 2010 - Sai News & Photo Updates : Guru Purnima eve

Upon the end of the programme, Bhagawan moved down the dais, blessing the contingent with group photo session. Spending sometime around, Bhagawan materialised an emerald ring for one of the youth before moving through the rows, casting His benedictions upon many. Coming onstage Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi. Upon accepting Arathi, at 1850 hrs., Bhagawan moved off the dais, enroute interacting with many including Carnatic vocal duo Malladi Brothers, before gliding into the ladies’ end retiring for the day.

Earlier, before coming into the Sai Kulwant Hall, emerging at at 1550 hrs., Bhagawan went for a drive towards the hospital end to return to ashram after an hour, at 1700 hrs.

Text & photo source: Prasanthi Diary, –  Sri Sathya Sai Media Foundation –
web layout – photo design : saibabaofindia. com & SBOI group.

Guru Purnima comes once again! With this grand festivity comes the beings urge to adore, worship The One who is the guide, who is the light, the Sadguru. What does Guru Purnima mean?… and how do we celebrate this grand occasion? Here comes an innocent, yet devoted heart’s musings at the Guru’s Feet on this auspicious occasion, as penned by Ms. Julie Chaudhury from Pune.

Gurudevaya Namo Namo,
Hey Parameshwar Namo Namo,
Parthipuri Eashwar Namo Namo,
Prashanti Eashwar Namo Namo…
Namo Namo Sai Namo Namo…       
Namo Namo Sai Namo Namo…

Guru – what does this word mean?
From this term what do you gleam?
A simple word packed with power,
Blessings in abundance does it shower…

Fertile hues of green,
Shades of peace subtle and unseen,
The harmony of blue,
Tints of pink, pure love fresh as dew,
Literally the One who takes you,
From darkness to light,
The soul’s sole delight,
Is a Guru…
Amongst a myriad others, to name but a few,
Vasisht, in the time of Sri Rama,
Sandipani through the era of Sri Krishna,
Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya,
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,
Sri Ramana Maharishi of Arunachala,
Vivekananda, Aurobindo,
Mahavtaar Babaji, Yogananda,
Tested by time and humans too,
And still found to be true…

Then of course in the lineage of Dattatreya,
The triune magnifique of Bramha,
Vishnu and Maheshvara,
Sripada Srivallabha, Sri Narasimha Saraswati,
And Sri Suta Goswami,
Sri Swami Samarth and Maharaj Gajanan,
Each a ray more brilliant than the Sun…

Linked and interconnected,
The life time of one with the other,
Thus the Sai of Shirdi referred to them as a brother,
Shaping mundane lives, uplifting man,
Making all aware of a divine plan,
Removing gloom, helping us bloom,
With a fragrance unique,
Granting strength to the meek,
And wisdom to the mighty,
A Guru comes to set you free…

The Lord as Shiva,
Chose to appear as God and Guru in Shirdi,
To the joy and delight of many a devotee,
Rewarding pure devotion and rustic simplicity…

The dream did not end here it had to continue,
Great good fortune awaited me and you,
The One who came as Guru and God at Shirdi,
Chose to be born in Puttaparthi,
This time as Shiva and Shakti,
As time does fly,
He guides us how to put apart I…
Let our hearts rejoice,
Let us sing with one voice…
Mangalam Gurudevaya,
Mangalam Jnanadayine,
Mangalam Sri Eashwarinandaya,
Mangalam Sri Parthivasaya,
Mangalam Sri Hrudayavasaya,
Mangalam Sri Sathya Saayine…

To take us from untruth to truth,
Darkness to light,
Death to eternity,
Has come Sat Guru Sathya Sai…

Many a life, Many a Master,
Not even a hazy memory, all a blur,
A boon and a blessing hitherto unheard,
Great good fortune fate on us has conferred,
God Himself has taken the form of our Guru,
Interviews, insights and inner views,
A constant presence,
Within reach and by our side,
Mother, father,
Friend, philosopher and guide…
Could there be a Mother as loving as You…?
Could there be a Father as protective as You…?
Could there be Guru as enlightened as You…?
Could there be us without You…?

We would like to pledge our life to You,
Loving God, Living Guru,
Accept our intention at Your precious lotus feet,
Please do,
To relieve the pain of all beings facing karmic due,
Examples from Your life are our cue,
Allow our life to be Your message,
Profound and true,
A life that proclaims Your message, 
And the significance of,
Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu…

Guru Charanam Mama Sharanam…
Sat Guru Charanam Mama Sharanam…
Eashwaramma Priya Sai Charanam…
Guru Charanam Mama Sharanam…

Text & photo source: Prasanthi Diary, –  Sri Sathya Sai Media Foundation –
web layout – photo design : saibabaofindia. com & SBOI group.


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