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Sat, Dec 11, 2010: – Sai News & Photo Updates – Sai Darshan today: When Friday, 10th December missed the beauty of Divine Darshan, it was Saturday’s turn to make amends. As if ensuring His Divine entry, there was a scheduled programme for the evening by a Parthi Yatra group from Medak district of Andhra Pradesh.

Bhagawan arrived at 1815 hrs. As He moved from the ladies’ side, through the centre-path to the gents’ side, finally into the students’ block, many received His blessings. The assembly also had the men and women in orange scarf, from Medak, greeting the Lord on an evening that was most benevolently earmarked for them.

Coming on to the Verandah, Bhagawan interacted and blessed many, enroute the dais.

At 18:45 hrs., Bhagawan came on stage and bhajans continued with devotional fervour. As is His wont these days, swiftly Bhagawan got into attending to devotees’ letters.

In five minutes, turning and nodding at the organisers, Bhagawan indicated for the commencement of the programme. With the green signal coming from The Lord, the organisers made a bee-line unto the dais seeking blessings. Seniors were followed by tiny tots in costumes. As each one of the participating children came on stage and earned a coveted Padanamaskar, devoted public burst into roaring applause in appreciation of their great good fortune.

The programme for the evening was entitiled "Sambhavami Yuge Yuge…", a dance drama on the life of the Avatar of the age.

It was 45 minutes non-stop dance, with Balvikas children from the district illustrating the life of Sathya Sai Avatar, dancing to meaningful songs. The programme began with a dance depicting the Lord of Kailash and His Divine family, marking the beginning of the story of Sai Avatars. A small dancing episode of the Lord of Shirdi preceded the big story of the Advent of Lord Sathya Sai. Evolution of Little Sathya into the contemporary Avatar, His Divine Mission etc., were illustrated, with children in a mix of coloured costumes coming to the fore, taking their turns, dancing to the story-line.

Concluding the programme children came in disciplined lines, converging at the centre, invoking Bhagawan in their midst. Bhagawan paused for a while and once the children were settled, swiftly He clilmed down the dais to pose for group photograph. Subsequently, Bhagawan moved amongst the group, granting them the privilege of watching Him from a closer angle.

Returning on stage Bhagawan headed towards the interview room. He spent quite sometime in, interacting with some senior devotees. Upon returning Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi at 2030 hrs. Blessed prasadam for all and clothe pieces, safari and sarees for participating boys and girls, were distributed simultaneously, with Bhgawan watching over the proceedings.

It was time for the curtains to come down and Bhagawan left the dais to board His car, retiring to Yajur Mandiram at 2040 hrs.

|| Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu ||
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